Tall Celebrities

Top 40 Tallest Celebrities

Heightsort descending
Verne Troyer height Verne Troyer 81cm 2ft 8
Phil Fondacaro height Phil Fondacaro 107cm 3ft 6
Tony Cox height Tony Cox 107cm 3ft 6
Warwick Davis height Warwick Davis 107cm 3ft 6
Michael J Anderson height Michael J Anderson 109cm 3ft 7
Kenny Baker height Kenny Baker 112cm 3ft 8
 Billy Barty height Billy Barty 114cm 3ft 9
David Rappaport height David Rappaport 119cm 3ft 11
Kiran Shah height Kiran Shah 126cm 4ft 1.7
Peter Dinklage height Peter Dinklage 135cm 4ft 5
Gary Coleman height Gary Coleman 140cm 4ft 7
Linda Hunt height Linda Hunt 145cm 4ft 9
Nicole Polizzi height Nicole Polizzi 145cm 4ft 9
Brenda Lee height Brenda Lee 145cm 4ft 9
Lil Kim height Lil Kim 146cm 4ft 9.6
Kelly Stables height Kelly Stables 147cm 4ft 10
Nikki Blonsky height Nikki Blonsky 147cm 4ft 10
Danny DeVito height Danny DeVito 147cm 4ft 10
Kristin Chenoweth height Kristin Chenoweth 147cm 4ft 10
Leslie Jordan height Leslie Jordan 150cm 4ft 11
Adrienne Bailon height Adrienne Bailon 150cm 4ft 11
Charlene Tilton height Charlene Tilton 150cm 4ft 11
Danielle Harris height Danielle Harris 150cm 4ft 11
Mary Kate Olsen height Mary Kate Olsen 150cm 4ft 11
Melissa Howard height Melissa Howard 150cm 4ft 11
Melissa Rauch height Melissa Rauch 150cm 4ft 11
Nell Carter height Nell Carter 150cm 4ft 11
Tammy Faye Bakker height Tammy Faye Bakker 150cm 4ft 11
Veronica Lake height Veronica Lake 150cm 4ft 11
Alexis Dziena height Alexis Dziena 150cm 4ft 11
Jeillo Edwards height Jeillo Edwards 151cm 4ft 11.4
Lorena Gale height Lorena Gale 151cm 4ft 11.4
Marissa Jaret Winokur height Marissa Jaret Winokur 151cm 4ft 11.5
Elaine Paige height Elaine Paige 151cm 4ft 11.6
Lisa Origlasso height Lisa Origlasso 151cm 4ft 11.6
Jada Pinkett Smith height Jada Pinkett Smith 151cm 4ft 11.6
Janet Gaynor height Janet Gaynor 152cm 5ft
Brea Grant height Brea Grant 152cm 5ft
Keshia Knight Pulliam height Keshia Knight Pulliam 152cm 5ft
Chandra Wilson height Chandra Wilson 152cm 5ft

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