Tall Celebrities

Top 40 Tallest Celebrities

Heightsort ascending
Robert Wadlow Height Robert Wadlow 272cm 8ft 11.1
Sun Ming Ming Height Sun Ming Ming 235cm 7ft 8.66
Sandy Allen Height Sandy Allen 232cm 7ft 7.25
Matthew McGrory Height Matthew McGrory 229cm 7ft 6
Yao Ming Height Yao Ming 226cm 7ft 5
Kareem Abdul Jabbar Height Kareem Abdul Jabbar 218cm 7ft 1.65
Kevin Peter Hall Height Kevin Peter Hall 218cm 7ft 2
Richard Kiel Height Richard Kiel 217cm 7ft 1.6
Ian Whyte Height Ian Whyte 216cm 7ft 1
Dalip Singh Height Shaquille O'Neal 216cm 7ft 1
Dalip Singh Height Dalip Singh 216cm 7ft 1
Wilt Chamberlane Height Wilt Chamberlain 216cm 7ft 1.06
Andre The Giant Height Andre The Giant 213cm 7ft
Peter Mayhew Height Peter Mayhew 213cm 7ft
Tiny Ron Height Tiny Ron 213cm 7ft
Big Show Height Big Show 213cm 7ft
Carel Struycken Height Carel Struycken 213cm 7ft
Kevin Garnett Height Kevin Garnett 212cm 6ft 11.66
Nathan Jones Height Nathan Jones 208cm 6ft 10
Randy Johnson Height Randy Johnson 208cm 6ft 10
Michael Kingma Height Michael Kingma 207cm 6ft 9.6
Michael Crichton Height Michael Crichton 206cm 6ft 9
 Ted Cassidy Height Ted Cassidy 206cm 6ft 9
Kevin Nash Height Kevin Nash 206cm 6ft 9
Brad Garrett Height Brad Garrett 204cm 6ft 8.25
Montell Jordan Height Montell Jordan 203cm 6ft 8
Richard Moll Height Richard Moll 203cm 6ft 8
Tyler Mane Height Tyler Mane 203cm 6ft 8
Peter Crouch Height Peter Crouch 202cm 6ft 7.4
The Undertaker Height The Undertaker 202cm 6ft 7.5
Kane Height Kane 202cm 6ft 7.6
John Matuszak Height John Matuszak 201cm 6ft 7
Mickey Morton Height Mickey Morton 201cm 6ft 7
Sid Eudy Height Sid Eudy 201cm 6ft 7
Stephen Merchant Height Stephen Merchant 201cm 6ft 7
Tony Robbins Height Tony Robbins 201cm 6ft 7
Krist Novoselic Height Krist Novoselic 201cm 6ft 7
Vitali Klitschko Height Vitali Klitschko 201cm 6ft 7
LeBron James Height LeBron James 201cm 6ft 7.25
Abraham Benrubi Height Abraham Benrubi 201cm 6ft 7

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