How Tall Is Kim Jong Un?

Kim Jong Un's height is 5 ft 9 inches or 175cm
Kim Jong Un Height

The height of Kim Jong Un is 5 foot 9, or otherwise 175cm.
This is smaller than average in global terms however for the ethnic North Korean's of his generation he is actually considered a normal height, desite his father's short stature some 15cm less than him.

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Ralfie's picture
Another one of those type that have a large hair style to make them appear taller!
Hunt's picture
Yeah,This definitely seems accurate how did he get this big if his dad was 5'3"? Was he already 5'9" at age 13?
Anonymous's picture
Probably,Maybe 5'4"and didn't grow up until 15 that's when he reached 5'9", I should know, back when I was 12 I was 5'7.3" then when I was 15 I grew crazy tall... I'm currently 6'5.7".
Anonymous's picture
I saw him once and I'm about 6'6" he looked this tall without the hair. with hair=6' without hair=5'10" He looked that way when my friend who was 5'9" looked smaller next to him when he compared his height. I think this should be his official listed height on google/Bing
Anonymous's picture
Maybe his mother was tall... Maybe 5'8.5" for a possibility because his dad was 5'3". Man, Kim Jong Il should have worn 6in heel lifts so he could have been 5'9" I little on the short side I say.But then again didn't Vladimir Putin describe him as anywhere from 5'1" to 5'6" in 2001? Maybe he wore big sole shoes then.
Anonymous's picture
I did a height predictor with his mother as 5ft 9in and his dad 5ft 3in. And The results were when he was 12 he was 5ft flat and weighing 120 pounds.BTW I'm the guy with the previous guess.
Kop's picture
5'9"? He looks way shorter. But I guess when you compare him to his dad you can see he is much taller.
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous's picture
5'6" 1/2 (169 cm)
Anonymous's picture
5'8" 1/2 (1.74 meters)
Hunt's picture
5'10" (1.77 meters)
harry's picture
I am 176 cm tall, so I am 1 cm taller than Kim. I wonder if he really is 175 cm tall? I do not know. I have not met him.

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