How Tall Is Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber's height is 5 ft 7 inches or 170cm
Justin Bieber Height

Justin Bieber's height is 5 feet 7 inches, or 170.18cm tall.  At this height Justin Bieber is taller than only 11.01% of all males in our height database meaning that every 9 out of 10 guys are taller than him.

You might put Justin's short stature down to him being young, but in fact most guys at his age (18 at the time of writing) are at their final determined height, so it's safe to say he won't be growing any taller, after all he's a man now!

One thing that I have noticed is that Justin really tried to compensate for his short stature by having a huge hair style. As we have discussed before, this is a genuine and common quick way to look taller than you actually are. As height is such an important asset to men, it's unsurprising that more guys are now experimenting with modern hair styles to increase their height, Justin Beiber appear to be one of them.

It's one of the oldest tricks in the book. Get an extra 2 or 3 inches by having a ridiculous hairstyle. Most of his fans have no idea at all.

Beiber increases height with hair












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Jay's picture
True stuff. Bieber is a short dude - that's for sure. But that's probably the only thing that he hasn't got going for him, I mean he's got everything else a man can ever want.
Andy's picture
But is Justin a man?
Anonymous's picture
Yeah, Justin's 100 % man. Trust me
Scro's picture
Is that because he doesn't cry when he cops it dry?
Eve's picture
Only 5'7''? I'm not surprised actually, he looks small when stood next to girls.
charles's picture
Not even 5'7". That's his height in shoes. Barefoot he's 5'5.5", between 166 and 167 cm.
Z's picture
Lol I'm only 162 I'm two years younger it wish I was taller
Jimbo's picture
5ft4 looking midget
klem's picture
He's about 5.5
dudee's picture
5 ft 6 that's it
Deanna 's picture
I barely saw a picture of justin and Cody Simpson hugging and they were the same height. Cody Simpson is 5'11 so take that. Don't call justin short again
Anonymous's picture
Justin is not short I barely saw a picture of him and cody Simpson hugging and they were the same size. Cody Simpson is 5'11 so just stop calling him short.
nata's picture
i love him
Mike's picture
Justin Beiber is short... :P (I can say that being 6'2"... lol)
a.j's picture
And justin,s bond is 9.5 long
pixie's picture
Hehe.... He's actually 5'7 ft .in april 2013.
jess's picture
Same height as fail
deamydeath's picture
I heared he grown up recently yeah???!!!
Anonymous's picture
5ft 7 really? Should think majority of girls tower over him don't find that the kid wears shoe lifts to increase his height aswell what a FAIL! Ha
Joris's picture
Bieber is a pathetic dwarf compared to me. I'm a 15 year old Dutch man.
Winner's picture
Nobody needs to be necessarily tall to be great. Just think and look where is Justin Bieber: actually on the top of the world; and where are you: just being a total common guy Maybe you are jealous about his fame, money and success.
Hamza jamil's picture
I think 5'9
ninabieber4090's picture
I'm 12 and I am 164cm. That was his height when he was 16.
MICHAEL's picture
Im 2 years younger than him, but now im 5'9 ft
sasa's picture
It is now proven that all child superstars are usually small folks... that is what I keep noticing. They let their children sleep late at night due to their concerts or late night shooting. If I had a kid, I won't even let him become a commercial model. If my son or daughter become an early child actor/actress singers super star. It is proven due to my observation that they are small.
FL's picture
He is a really short guy!
Clinton Tovar's picture
Lol height is not an important asset for men. I used to be insecure about being short as im 5'7 as well, but that was when i was young and naive. I have no problem getting women even if they are taller than me! And yes, i have conquered giants...women have chosen me over guys who tower above me. So what does that say? Taller guys try to use it to degrade guys shorter than them to get an advantage. Put me in a room with some girls and a bunch of dudes 6ft+ an id bet i can make em feel like a buch of lonely trees blowing in the wind. If you are confident in yourself then you have nothing to worry about. Yes, some women prefer taller guys.. But thats cause theyre just as naive. Its not a game changer. Neanderthals are short... and have larger brains ;) get on my level son.
Tom's picture
That's absolutely true. Look at Xavier Samuel. He's not much taller than Justin and he is extremely good-looking. Of course now he's older than Justin Bieber, but when he was same age, about ten years ago, he looked like a man, not like a fool, drug adicted and irresponsible. Justin must, he absolutely must, correct his manners and behave as the man he is now at 21, and he will go on as the role model he has been for our generation. I think he looks fantastic, just needs to stop being stupit and resume his career, now as the attractive man he is. Girls want him, men either envy or admire him for what he is able to do and look like, but everybody deplores his bad behaviour and unworthy acts. I think his relatively small size only adds charm to his boyish and rebel look, but not criminal acts and nasty behaviour, that make him look ridiculous and insignificant, instead of giving him the innocent and sweet charm of the eternal teenager some great actors and singers keep. That's also the case of Grant Denyer, Tom Cruise, Zac Effron, Seth Green, etc, even Michael Jackson.
Tom's picture
He is considerably taller than Grant Denyer and many more adults. I think he should behave properly and then he would be seen as an adult. I am about same age and am shorter than him. He has always been a role model for me, as he was a small talented young man. I am so sorry for seeing him behaving as a silly boy, when he is a grown-up good-looking man. He should use his talent for good as did in the past.
Mwidu Edrine's picture
Am exactly his height wen I cut off my hair.and that's 5ft9inches.
jojou's picture
wtf 5.6 is not bad, dumbasses!!!
Dungarees's picture
Justin has a pretty face. Most men have very plain or even ugly facial aesthetics. Many men don't want to admit that a pretty man has a major advantage, but it's biological, just like height. Height is common in a man, but a beautiful face is rare. Guys hate to admit it, but your ugly faces are no match for the Biebs! (not to mention your bank accounts). Justin doesn't need height - Money, Fame and Good looks do him just fine!
nelly's picture
height is only useful for basketball players is the game.

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