How Tall Is James Arthur?

James Arthur's height is 6 ft 3 inches or 191cm
James Arthur Height

At a height of 6 foot 3 inches, or 191cm, James Arther from the X Factor is pretty tall. He towers over most of the other contestants, with the exception of Rylan. Mind you, he exceed Rylan in muscial talent beyond doubt. 

James Arthur won the 2012 X Factor, having won more public votes than Jahmene Douglas in the final.

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Rea's picture
James Arthur is the best i've been cheering him on since he first started the X factor!
?'s picture
He's 5'11 at best.
Anonymous's picture
yeah Im saying hes around 5'10 5'11 because when he stands next to Olly Murs they looks the same height and he is 5'9
James's picture
You have to be joking, James is very tall. I remember him stood next to Dermot and he towered above him by at least 5 inches.

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