How Tall Is Harry Styles?

Harry Styles's height is 5 ft 10.25 inches or 178cm
Harry Styles height

At a height of 5 feet 10.25 inches, or 178cm tall, Harry Styles is taller than 43.22% and smaller than 56.77% of all males in our height database. This makes him slightly smaller than the average guy his age.


Despite Harry being slightly smaller than the average guy, he is still taller than all of the other four members of One Direction: Zayne Malik is 5'9", Niall Horan is 5'7", Louis Tomlinson is 5'9" and Liam Payne is 5'10". I guess you could say that the band in it's entirety is much small than average.
Harry Styles though is clever with his hair. He adds a further 3 inches to his height by having such a huge hair style. Rumour has it that the other boys don't like this, it makes them all appear even smaller.

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Anonymous's picture
So that's why Harry has huge hair. That's not really fair on the smaller guys of the band, i'm not surprised that they are annoyed about it.
Mysterious's picture
How is 5'10 smaller than average?This webpage is retarded
Niall's picture
Obviously you are stupid. Did you not read it properly? Maybe your just incredibly thick. If 57% of men are taller than him, then why is he not slightly smaller than average? Most of Harry's fans are pretty thick to be honest, and your comment confirms that.
Dyshpo's picture
Either a sign of insecurity or vanity .
CherylDoni's picture
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