How Tall Is Barack Obama?

Barack Obama's height is 6 ft 1 inches or 185cm
Barack Obama height

At a height of 6 feet 1 inches, or 185.42cm tall, Barack Obama is taller than 68.49% and smaller than 31.5% of all males in our height database. This makes him taller than average.

A lot of people think that being taller gives you more influence over others. Research has also suggested that taller people are more trusted. Makes you wonder whether Obama would have won the elections if he was short. I doubt it, but Sarkozy didn't exactly find his height was an issue when it came to winning.

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Anonymous's picture
I'm 6'1'' at 16 years of age. I'm pretty tall for my age.
Conrad's picture
Most self made politicians are tall, Obama is true to that too. What they say is correct - taller people are more successful.
Alex's picture
His wife is tall too. I bet their kids will end up being very tall.

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