How Tall Is Zayn Malik?

Zayn Malik's height is 5 ft 9 inches or 175cm
Zayne Malik height

This man stands at a height of 5 foot 9, or otherwise 175cm. He is one of the five members of the famous boy band group - One Direction. The tallest member of this group is Harry Styles.


Zayne was born on the 12th January 1993 in Bradford, UK.
He is actually quite small for his age group, although One Direction is on average quite small too. Most guys his age are around 2 inches taller. The girls say that his fat wallet makes up for his loss in height and some say he has got the looks too.

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Fiona's picture
He is the best looking of the five in the band.
niala's picture
zayn malik is the best guy of one direction! im in love with zayn <3
sevil's picture
he is the best man but he left the one direction im very crying for his we cant see zayn again good bye zayn
amine 's picture
Why did you leave the group zayn. You see good things don't last for long

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