Heel Lifts - Increase Height

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They are a recent invention, only becoming popular since the turn of the millennium, but heel lifts are taking the world by storm.

What are Heel Lifts?

They are insoles that are designed to fit into shoes and raise the heel of the foot. In doing so they have the ability to increase the users height, because as the heel is raised, so is the persons height. Most designs can be adjusted with multiple layers to suit the users height requirements, usually maxing out at 2 to 2.5 inches. A couple of inches may seem a small amount but this actually makes a substantial difference to the appearance of a person's height.


Who uses Heel Lifts?

They were first designed for people with leg length discrepancies (having one leg shorter than the other, perhaps due to leg or hip injuries). In recent years they are more commonly used by people who want to increase their height.

Research suggests that 90% of users of heel lifts are male. This is because females have a wide range of choices of high heeled shoes, whereas males simply cannot wear such shoes.



Product reviews

We decided to try out a couple of pairs of heel lifts and put them to the test, so we bought a couple of pairs from a well known supplier who also offer a huge range.

Premium Gel Heel Lifts - by TallerHeels.com

TallerHeels reviewThe ordering process was easy, I got an instant email invoice and they arrived 2 days later. They came in discreet packaging which was pleasing because I didn't want the postman to know what I was buying, afterall this is not an item you want other people to know you are wearing.

I unpacked the product and gave the product a good feel. There's a nice suede texture on the surface of the lifts which feels good. The main part of the lifts consist of three layers (one large, one medium and one small). They slot together nicely and the fact that they are made from a gel material means they slightly stick to each other to keep them together. Each layer is manufactured with a honeycomb structure, i'm not sure why this is but I guess it's to keep them light, nobody wants heavy things in their shoes.

Being the desperado that I am, I put all 3 layers of each lift into my shoes. As far as i'm concerned, the taller I can get the better! I slackened my shoe laces a bit and put my feet in quite easily. Straight away I loved the feel of them; really comfortable, in fact so comfortable it did feel a little strange at first. When I walked they did tend to squash a little bit with each step, but at the same time they moulded around my foot and took a lot of shock out of each step. This kind of thing I like because it protects the knee, hip and spine from impacts, which as we get older can have a significant impact on our life.

Overall the premium gel lift seemed great. The quality is good, they're comfortable and they do what I expected - giving me an extra two inches in height. There's also no chance a stranger would be able to know your wearing the lifts.


Adjustable Height Insoles by TallerHeels

I was actually recommended these buy a friend. They offer about 2 inches in height, similarly to the premium gel edition.

Again they arrived discreetly, with no sign or indication of what type of item was in package. They are light but seem very robust. Unlike the gel edition they are 'full length' - which means that the insole is placed under the entire foot all they way to the toe, this actually helps them stay in position and not move around within the shoe at all. They fit into regular laced shoes just fine and I had no problem getting my feet in once I slackened my shoe laces a bit.

Upon standing on these, the main difference I noticed was that they didn't sink due to my weight as much. You would expect them to be uncomfortable because of this, but after 2 hours of wearing them whilst out shopping I had no issues at all with them. The fact that they felt very stable was a bonus.

If I had to pick one of the two types I have tested here i'd narrowly go with the 'adjustable height insoles' for their robustness. TallerHeels provide a number of images on the product page (link above), here's their main image:


Will they fit in my shoe?

In nearly all cases, yes. The only time you might have trouble is with shoes with no laces and very low ankle sides, in these cases you might not be able to wear all of the layers.


Where can I get them?

There are a number of retailers out there but most of which I don't trust. As you can see, we bought them from TallerHeels.com who have the largest range of height increase insoles that I've seen anywhere and they have been around for years. They were recommended to me by a friend and i'd say they are probably the most well known supplier of heel lifts out there. 


If you want to review TallerHeels.com then please do so in the comments section at the bottom of this page.



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Alan's picture
I use them, I have done for years. I'm getting near enough 2 inches in height out of them and I wouldn't be without them now.
Rob's picture
Can you get 3 inches? I'm 5 foot 7 and if I was average height of of 5 foot 10 i'd be a happy man.
Anonymous's picture
Great idea for short guys, if it makes them feel better.
Anonymous's picture
Shoe lifts really are the best way to grow taller if you have stopped naturally because when your growth plates fuse that's it.
John Redfern's picture
So comfy I didn't even notice I was wearing them. Height has always been a problem for me so it made me feel brilliant. Over the years my confidence has been diminished due to my height Reading this blog and buying heel lifts was the best thing I've ever done Today I got a ladies number and I think we are going out on a date soon. She says it's because I am not short. Couldn't believe how tall I look now. Now I am a new man. And I have a ladies number. Today's the day. So please spare a thought for us shorties.
Ryan's picture
The are the same things that the French president wears.
Edony Elder's picture
I find it amusing that men want to wear heel raisers to increase their height. Women have been doing this, outwardly, for many years. The man in the previous comment said he didn't want the postman to know what he was buying, that is funny. I suppose being short is embarrassing for some men.
Hunter's picture
I'm 12 and about 5'8" If I put on one of these lifts I could be 5'10".5 how much is the maximum 5inches? If they were 5 inches and I put them on I could be 6'1"... Still don't beat my friend who is a legit 6'3".
Rojo's picture
It must really boost your confidence when you achieve a more desirable height using these things.

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