Saturday, June 22, 2013
Use our interactive percentiles chart below to plot your height and work out your own percentile.Simply type in your height and age, select your gender, then watch the chart plot your height against the data average data. The data shown on the graph is taken from years of research and... + continue reading
Tuesday, April 9, 2013
I'm almost 6 foot tall and I feel like short guy! I've just come back from a skiing holiday, I went to a resort which is known for masses of Dutch guys descending on the place during the skiing season, most of them on a stag party. I can honestly say I've never felt so small in my life... + continue reading
Saturday, December 22, 2012
I know what your thinking... "are there really any disadvantages of being tall?". Well yes there are many, so be careful what you wish for kids! Unless you are tall, or know someone tall, you never really think that tall people do actually have it bad sometimes. So let's take a look... + continue reading
Friday, December 21, 2012
So over the last month we had a live poll asking the following question: What is the ideal male height? The response we had from our visitors was amazing, with a total 41,958 votes cast, the final results proved very interesting. To answer the question, you voted that the ideal height for a man is... + continue reading
Friday, November 30, 2012
Some people have an obsession with their height. During my student years I lived with a lot of different people, a couple of these people were just couldn't take their height off their minds. Their life revolved around their height to the point that it was actually funny to watch them sometimes... + continue reading

Celebrity Heights

The HeightDB is a huge database of celebrity heights. The site was created for the purposes of keeping an accurate record of how tall celebrities are. More people are added to the database on a regular basis, but if there is anyone you feel is famous enough to be added then please contact us. I also blog on topics relating to getting or looking taller - basically making this site your first resource when it comes to anything about height.

Most searched for celebs

Justin Bieber 5ft 7 170cm
Zayn Malik 5ft 9 175cm
Kim Jong Un 5ft 9 175cm
Harry Styles 5ft 10.25 178cm
Kanye West 5ft 8 173cm
Bashar al-Assad 6ft 2.4 189cm
Rob Riches 5ft 9 175cm
Barack Obama 6ft 1 185cm
Maggie Q 5ft 5 165cm
Bruno Mars 5ft 5 165cm
Daniel Radcliffe 5ft 5 165cm
Brad Pitt 5ft 11 180cm
Kevin Hart 5ft 2 157cm
Selena Gomez 5ft 4 163cm
Taylor Swift 5ft 9.6 177cm